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low-back-painLow back pain results in thousands of hours of lost work and untold suffering every day. Many factors can be responsible for low back pain but two of the most common causes are improper sitting or lifting.

Many research projects show conservative chiropractic care is safer and often more effective than back surgery

The chiropractic approach is to help restore a more normal motion and position of affected spinal bones with specific chiropractic adjustments. This approach has helped many patients avoid surgery.

Find out if your low back pain is a chiropractic case and enjoy the positive results that millions of patients are enjoying. Ask your Doctor of Chiropractic for information about a care program that may include specific spinal adjustments, exercise recommendations, nutritional advice or other conservative methods of care based on your health history, age, current condition and lifestyle.

headacheHeadaches are not a normal part of life! Headaches are a sign that something is wrong.

There are many types of headaches and many causes. Stress, toxic fumes, certain foods, perservatives, and alcohol are common causes of headaches.

A frequently overlooked cause of many types of headaches is the loss of normal spinal curve. If a thorough examination reveals reduced range of motion, loss of normal spinal curves, or mechanical restrictions, chiropractic care should be considered.

Specific chiropractic adjustments can help correct mechanical restrictions in the cervical spine that may be related to headache symptoms.

Many patients report relief from headaches after these drug-free treatments.

neck-painDo you find it hard to look over your shoulder? Do you feel a throbbing pain in your neck?

Your neck has to balance and support the equivalent of a 10-13lb bowling ball!

A popular response to neck pain is to treat its symptoms with drugs (aspirin, analgesics, pain pills) or muscle relaxers (massage, hot packs). The chiropractic approach to neck pain is to discover and treat the underlying cause.

Many patients with neck pain have lost the normal forward curve in the neck. This can affect the brain stem and spinal cord.

A plan of specific chiropractic adjustments can help improve structure and function of spinal vertebrae, so that neck pain often diminishes or totally disappears.

One study, published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics found that patients who received chiropractic care reported significant improvement in their neck function and a reduction in their neck pain whereas those taking pain killers did not.

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